2.5K FAQ

Q: Is this suitable for my kids?
A: Likely YES. The course is flat and on grassy tracks. It is only 2.5km long and you are welcome to jog along with your toddler.

Q: Are there medals for kids?
A: YES!!

Q: Are there shirts for kids?
A: YES!! If they are pre registered before the cut-off day for bonus shirts.

Q: Can my kids enter on the day?
A: Unsure at this stage if there will be spaces left available. Best to enter online beforehand!

Q: Can I run with my child?
A: YES – we encourage parents to share this experience with their kids – especially the younger kids.

Q: Do I have to register to run with my child?
A: Yes, when out on the course you are our responsibility and we are bound to provide aid to you if you fall, become injured or ill. There will be an accompanying adult registration you can purchase which will give you a bib and the ability to run with your child.

Q: Is the kids dash competitive?
A: Only as much as you want to make it so. Our experience is that kids tend to run at the pace they feel like and most parents just try to keep up. They seem more interested in running for fun than competition.